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Quality Policy

          NPP FOOD SERVICE CO., LTD. has imposed a quality policy to be used as a guideline to process for achieving the company goals. The major policies is a responsibility policy to producing products. We attend to produce quality, safe, and original foods for customers to create customer satisfaction. Likewise, we pay heed to employees and environment relevant to the laws for continuing improvement.



          The company attends to be a food producer who produces several quality international standard products. Additionally, the company concerns about hygiene and safety which relate to the laws of food sanitation to be friendly with the environment to create customer satisfaction and to be accepted from domestic and international customers.



  1. Professional and effective team have knowledge and capability. The company attends to develop products and personnel constantly to have quality, safe, increased, and friendly products with the environment.
  2. Producing quality standard goods under the trademark to be accepted from domestic and regional customers.
  3. Building conscience of producing goods from virtue and ethic to satisfy customer’s need.
  4. Enhancing modern product innovations and production processes to increase production possibility and reduce production cost.
  5. Establishing business alliances.


Understand: working process means understanding yourself, colleagues, and the changing of the organization.

Access: processes of participation and term work means the ability to approach colleagues, building relationship, and unity in working together.

Develop: the quality standard potentials means developing knowledge and capability in analyzing and solving problems effectively.


 Organizational Structure




NPP FOOD SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED has received many certifications

  1. International Standard Organization (ISO 9001:2008) since 2000
  2. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) since 1999
  3. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) since 1999
  4. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety since 2002


11 January 2020

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